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The summer is defined by scents, from the freshly laundered cotton clothing hung outside to dry to the sweetness of coconut and pineapple. Smells are a powerful agent for memories - one whiff of suntan lotion can bring you back to your childhood, or catching a waft of blooming lilacs reminds you of the summer you fell in love with your sweetheart....

Metal in skincare

Using Organic Skin Care Products & Make-Up
Exposure to heavy metals in cosmetics is an important piece of the environmental health puzzle. For the most part, cosmetics companies are not intentionally using heavy metals as ingredients in their products...


What you can’t smell can harm you – unscented cosmetic, household and personal care items leave out one detail – they contain a fragrance to mask the toxic odors of the chemical poisons...


Using Organic Skin Care Products & Make-Up
Organic Skin Care...As many people turn to organic alternatives for their food and household cleaning items, they are discovering that there are more things that they can do to enhance green living. It's no wonder that organic skin care products and organic make-up are increasing in popularity as well.