3 Natural Oils for Skin:Avocado Oil for Skin

iStock/LucidSur1. Avocado Oil

Good for: all skin types, face and body.

Look for: organic, unrefined, cold-pressed avocado oil. We love avocado oil from Chosen Foods, Primal Kitchen, and La Tourangelle.

About: Packed with antioxidants, vitamins A, D, and E, and monounsaturated fatty acids, avocado oil is serious skin food. With a slightly thick consistency, a little avocado oil can go a long way to calm itchy, dry skin and moisturize the face and body.


Avocado oil may also benefit those with plaque psoriasis, an autoimmune condition that causes uncomfortable scaly and red patches on skin. A 2001 study found that avocado oil mixed with vitamin B12 cream eased psoriasis symptoms longer than the traditional treatment cream.

How to use: Use a few drops of avocado oil as a face oil, eye makeup remover, and gently around the eye area. Avocado oil can be liberally slathered on the body, too.

Coconut Oil for Skin

2. Coconut Oil

Good for: dry skin, body.

Look for: organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed coconut oil. We love Nutiva and Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil.

About: Coconut oil is a wonder in your baked goods and on your bod. Rich in medium-chain saturated fats including caprylic acid, lauric acid, and capric acid, coconut oil boasts anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties beneficial for the skin. A 2014 study found that coconut oil is useful for treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, thanks to its potent healing properties.

How to use: Use coconut oil liberally on the body, but use caution on the face. Many find that coconut oil applied to the face is too greasy and can result in acne and clogged pores. Coconut oil works as a great gentle eye makeup remover and can be used as a hair treatment mask.

Olive OIl for Skin

3. Olive Oil

Good for: all skin types, face and body.

Look for: organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. We love Zoe Organic, La Tourangelle, and Spectrum Organic olive oil.

About: Olive oil is more than a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, it has serious skin-loving properties that promote a total body glow. Olive oil is filled with healthy fats to nourish dry skin, vitamins A, D, E, and K, and numerous antioxidants. In fact, the high concentration of antioxidants in olive oil has been shown to be protective against skin cancer, according to a 2000 study.