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Welcome to Soulcare

Soulcare was founded in 2005 by Omar Botha - Soul Master & Spiritual Healer. The centre is managed by Omar Botha and assistants in Bryanston.

Our clientelle is very diverse across all ages and people from all different walks of life.

Soulcare offers various modalities of natural healing that offers alternative opportunities of any illnesses from flu to cancer.

Whether you are a high powered professional or an ambitious professional sports person, we have a range of treatments which will help you take your game to the next level.

Soulcare Healing Centre

Contact 0860 109 509

Soul Master & Healer?

Soul Master

As Soul Master, I look at every individual as a unique human being and soul, with different abilities and unique personalities. To reach balance and happiness in one's life you have to align your personality with your soul.


As a Healer one treats the cause of the problem not symptoms. That way one assures that the "illness" will not come back if you are dealing with it the right way.

As a healer I look at the 4 different bodies and bring them into Balance.

1) Emotional

2) Physical

3) Mental / Psyche

4) Spiritual

Healing can be done on any of the above Bodies

Different forms of healing

How do I go about doing a Healing session?

There are various ways of doing this

1st By counseling and talking to the person

2nd Counseling and sending healing energy

3rd Silent Healing

1) I open with a prayer to God / The Almighty One / Our Creator to protect and guide us in the healing session and to send his healing light through me to the client.

2) My hands are then placed over the person while seated in one of our healing chairs and the session can take between 10-15 min.

{One does not have to believe in any form of religion for this session}

4th Healing Massage

Very similar to your normal or even sport message with a difference of sending healing energy with the mind and soul.

Sports Injuries, Muscle tension etc.

5th Meditation

For sport people, business people and any one who wants to perform at his/her best and to have that inner peace and calmness within.

To connect with inner self.

To connect with your guides.

6th Cleansing

Any negativity sent to you can be removed.



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May 31, 2007