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For decades, declawing, or onychectomy of cats was almost as routine as spaying or neutering. The term “declawing” sounds nonthreatening, and most well-intentioned cat owners believed the procedure was a permanent nail trim.Fortunately, a growing number of veterinarians, pet owners and cat advocates are working to educate the public about what declawing really involves.It’s Not Declawing – It’s 'De-toeing'

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2,4-Dinitrophenol (2,4-DNP, or simply DNP), C6H4N2O5, is an inhibitor of efficient energy (ATP) production in cells with mitochondria. It uncouplesoxidative phosphorylation by carrying protons across the mitochondrial membrane, leading to a rapid consumption of energy without generation of ATP


Regardless of improvements to the labeling of spot-on pesticides, please know there are safer solutions for flea and tick control for your pet. Chemical pesticides, no matter what form they come in, can have side effects...

Skin Disorders on Dogs

Pruritus is the medical term used to define a dog’s sensation to itch, or the sensation that provokes its desire to scratch, rub, chew, or lick its hair and skin. Pruritus is also an indicator of inflamed skin.