pugsJust like humans can suffer from anxiety, our dogs and cats can also become anxious, fearful or tense. As they can’t tell us how they are feeling, it is our duty as pet owners to understand our pets’ behaviour and try to help them.

Bat Flying Jungle Trees.jpg.653x0 q80 crop smartBats can be a little scary-looking, but these winged mammals are as varied and interesting as we humans are. Below are 11 facts about these environmentally valuable creatures.


bigstock American crow 24582695 300x199Many birds have remarkable abilities, far greater than has been considered possible with their small brains. Songbirds are a large category of thousands of species of birds that have advanced vocal learning ability, similar to humans.

SNAKES 33In Southern Africa, snakebite is a reality that many people have to deal with. There are over 170 different types of snakes in the region and of them, about 20 are potentially deadly. In the region of 7,000 snakebites are recorded annually, with close on 50 fatalities.

pugs.jpg Force meets the Dark side"When drugs are given to pets, either orally or injected, the number one organ that's affected is the skin,"